What has most consistently interested me throughout my work in the arts, is the presence of an active figure in blank space. No horizon, no ground, no gravity. Time is a point not a line. A figure in constant motion in timeless space eliminates all cultural conventions and divisions. It is life simplified and amplified. It also allows for reading into any given picture the widest range of interpretations. Whether or not this is a comfortable situation, it represents our continuous commentary in the world, which may be the essential reason for our art. The following groups of photographs are beginnings of working into and then through the idea of body, space and time. The mathematical schema are a function of design, and therefore fictional. The geometry springs from its underlying photograph’s shapes and spaces, but it ends up in an equally fictional condition.

The X-Coordinate, Propositions, Dimension, Mathematical Models, 1985 – 1979

Tongue-in-cheek viewpoints, mind-body dichotomies, old school photography. These darkroom prints, drawn on with charcoal and ink, are here seen through my disintegrating 35mm slides.

Geometric Intuitions 1978

Object, figure, form and space. Photography obliterated.

Space Intuitions 1976

The figure in motion. The figure entangled. The restless photograph.

Cloud Cat 1973

A possibility. Old school photography, a double exposure, chemicals on film. A  serigraph edition made from the results.