Interpretations 2013

Drawings after the poem “Long Shadows” written by Cinquepalmi, Sanchez and Hanvik. A Hermitag/e collaborative project.

10 drawings sample

A Falling Body 2011

Drawings and poems in conversation on subjects in the news, over the course of a year.  A collaborative project with poet, Richard Capling. (view the entire project).

Smoke and Shadows 2010

A graphic essay in large format (each page 40″ x 44″).  Fifty-two drawings made over the course of a year. A reflection on Shakespeare’s King Lear – its tragedy, its causes underlined in the seven deadly sins, the sins’ origins implied in ancient myths, and compounding factors of the human condition leading to possible respite (view the entire project).



Artists and Models 2004 – 2000

Drawings from life, about life, made within a situation as devoid of life as possible, the studio. The academic conundrum.

Prima Facie 1994

A sequence of shifting view points: figure to its surroundings, positive to negative, small to large. Metamorphoses.